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Where the impacts of the investment may be experienced.
  • Belize
International, regional and national development finance institutions. Many of these banks have a public interest mission, such as poverty reduction.
  • World Bank (WB)
Status: Active
Bank Risk Rating: B
Risk rating varies among banks and may refer only to the particular investment and not to the risk for the project as a whole. Projects marked 'U' have an 'Unknown' risk rating at the time of disclosure.
Board Decision Date: 2016-09-12
The estimate day the bank will vote on a proposed investment. The decision dates may change, so review updated project documents or contact the EWS team.

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Original disclosure @ WB website
Updated in EWS: 2017-12-06
Disclosure Date: 2014-01-24
Energy Resilience for Climate Adaptation (GEF/SCCF)

Project Description
The development objective of Energy Resilience for Climate Adaptation Project for Belize is to demonstrate solutions that enhance the resilience of the energy system to adverse weather and climate change impacts. This project has three components. 1) The first component, Long-Term Planning and Capacity Building for Adaptation, has three subcomponents as follows: (i) Develop the capacity in Belize to carry out long-term energy and climate adaptation planning; (ii) Enhance the collection of meteorological and hydrological data; and (iii) Design and implement an Emergency Response and Recovery Plan. 2) The second component, Demonstration Measures to Enhance Resilience of Energy Sector, has six subcomponents as follows: (i) Segment the transmission network; (ii) Strengthen transmission network structures; (iii) Implement measures to enhance resilience of distribution substations; (iv) Enhance the capabilities for better systems operation and management; (v) Improve the communication network; and (vi) Develop a strategy for better vegetation management practices. 3) The third component, Project Implementation Support and Information Dissemination for Knowledge Sharing, has two subcomponents as follows: (i) Disseminate information and engage citizenry on lessons learned and potential for replication; and (ii) Support incremental coordination and implementation activities.
Investment Description
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ACCOUNTABILITY MECHANISM OF WORLD BANK The World Bank Inspection Panel is the independent complaint mechanism and fact-finding body for people who believe they are likely to be, or have been, adversely affected by a World Bank-financed project. If you submit a complaint to the Inspection Panel, they may investigate to assess whether the World Bank is following its own policies and procedures for preventing harm to people or the environment. You can contact the Inspection Panel or submit a complaint by emailing ipanel@worldbank.org. You can learn more about the Inspection Panel and how to file a complaint at: http://ewebapps.worldbank.org/apps/ip/Pages/Home.aspx.
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