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Where the impacts of the investment may be experienced.
  • Philippines
Location: Metro Manila
Whenever identified, the area within countries where the impacts of the investment may be experienced. Exact locations of projects may not be identified fully or at all in project documents. Please review updated project documents and community-led assessments.
International, regional and national development finance institutions. Many of these banks have a public interest mission, such as poverty reduction.
  • Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
Status: Approved
Bank Risk Rating: A
Risk rating varies among banks and may refer only to the particular investment and not to the risk for the project as a whole. Projects marked 'U' have an 'Unknown' risk rating at the time of disclosure.
Board Decision Date: 2017-09-27
The estimate day the bank will vote on a proposed investment. The decision dates may change, so review updated project documents or contact the EWS team.
Borrower or Client: Republic of Philippines
The holder of the loan, grant, or other investment.
The service or industry focus of the investment. A project can have several sectors.
  • Water and Sanitation
Investment Type(s): Loan
The categories of the bank investment: loan, grant, etc.
Investment Amount (USD): $ 207.60 million
Value listed on project documents at time of disclosure. If necessary, converted to USD$. Please review updated project documents for more information.
Loan Amount (USD): $ 207.60 million
Value listed on project documents at time of disclosure. If necessary, converted to USD$. Please review updated project documents for more information.
Project Cost (USD): $ 500.00 million
Value listed on project documents at time of disclosure. If necessary, converted to USD$. Please see updated project documentation for more information.

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Primary Source

Original disclosure @ AIIB website
Updated in EWS: 2018-01-09
Disclosure Date: 2017-02-24
Philippines: Metro Manila Flood Management Project

Project Description
According to AIIB website: "the Project objective is to improve flood management in selected areas of Metro Manila. This will be achieved by constructing new and modernizing existing pumping stations and their supporting infrastructure, by improving solid waste management practices within the vicinity of drainage systems served by the selected pumping stations, and by supporting the resettlement of impacted individuals." The Project will focus on about 56 potentially critical drainage areas with an approximate land area of 11,100 ha or over 17 percent of the total area of Metro Manila. This will include an area with a total population of about 970,000 people or about 210,000 households. The project components are as follows: 1. Modernization of Drainage Areas. The component will modernize approximately 36 existing pumping stations and construct approximately 20 new pumping stations in areas where the population has grown rapidly over the past few years. The related infrastructure such as flood gates, trash racks, drainage channels and other mechanical equipment will either be newly constructed or rehabilitated. 2. Minimizing Solid Waste Dumped in Waterways. The component will improve solid waste management practices within selected drainage areas. The collection and disposal system in the vicinity of pumping stations as well as in the upstream catchment areas will be strengthened. 3. Participatory Housing and Resettlement. The component will support land acquisition, site development, housing construction, upfront capital subsidy, rental support (for transitional period, as needed), livelihood assistance programs, and various technical assistance and capacity-building activities that will help strengthen the communities and implementing agencies. 4. Project Management and Coordination. Project management support to the implementation units for timely and effective delivery of the Project, including monitoring and evaluation, procurement, financial management, and safeguard monitoring, etc.
Investment Description
Contact Information
AIIB: Mr. Ghufran Shafi Project Team Leader / Senior Investment Operations Specialist Telephone No.: +86 10 8358 0171 Email Address: gshafi@aiib.org World Bank: Mr. Joop Stoutjesdijk Task Team Leader / Lead Irrigation Engineer Telephone No.: +1 2024733754 Email Address: Jstoutjesdijk@worldbank.org Borrower: Contact: Ms. Stella Laureano Director Department of Finance Telephone No.: +63 2 523 9223 Email Address: slaureano@dof.gov.ph Implementation Agencies: Mr. Patrick Gatan, Director Flood Management Cluster, Department of Public Works and Highways Telephone No.: +63 2 304 3000 Email Address: patrick_gatan@yahoo.com Ms. Jose V. Campo Assistant General Manager for Planning, Metro Manila Development Authority Telephone No.: +63 915 696 1131 Email Address: mdps_mmda@yahoo.com ACCOUNTABILITY MECHANISM OF AIIB In addition, the AIIB has a Bank Oversight Mechanism. According to AIIB's policies, "people who believe they have been or are likely to be adversely affected by a failure of the Bank to implement the ESP may also submit complaints to the Bank's oversight mechanism in accordance with the policies and procedures to be established by the Bank for such mechanism." However, at the time of writing, it is unclear what the exact scope and function of this Oversight Mechanism will be.
Bank Documents